Judges are unlikely to look favorably on a bank that claims paperwork flaws don't matter because the borrower was in default on the loan, said Kendall Coffey, a former Miami U.S. attorney and author of the book "Foreclosures."

"There has to be a cornerstone of integrity to the process," Coffey said.

Kendall Coffee on MSNBC: Was there collusion with Russia during the campaign?

Kendall Coffey

Former US Attorney Kendall Coffey speaks with MSNBC to answer questions on the current situation in the Russian Investigation with regards to meetings between US and Russian authorities. Kendall Coffey claims that the meeting of George Papadopoulos with Russian authorities cannot be confidently be classified as a crime. However, many people who are close to the president have a lot of information and so far there is no reason to believe that Paul Manafort has anything incriminating to say. Moreover, the same is true for Papadopoulos and Carter about Donald Trump. Nevertheless, this can lead to very critical consequences as even a 'small"person of interest can be very consequential in this case.