Kendall Coffey

“Because modern life is largely financed, and because financing frequently relies upon real estate mortgages, mortgages have become basic to everyday living in this state as sunshine and taxes.” (Chapter 1)

“Assuming that such factors as the value of collateral and the prospect of plausible defenses indicate that non-litigation avenues should be explored, the options for a so-called work-out are varied. Borrowers confronting adverse financial circumstances are well advised, if practicable, to take the initiative with mortgage holders rather than avoid them.” (Chapter 6)

“In Florida, lender liability claims have relied largely upon traditional legal theories. Attempts to import into Florida new arguments that succeeded elsewhere frequently fail due to the prevailing Florida jurisprudence that underscores the responsibility to enforce contracts as written by the parties.” (Chapter 28)


Foreclosures in Florida

by Kendall Coffey

Second Edition

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FORECLOSURES IN FLORIDA is the most extensive treatment in print on this timely topic, including detailed coverage of all aspects of Florida law along with the key legal and practical strategies for lenders and borrowers embroiled in default issues, work-outs and litigation over troubled mortgage loans.

Now in its second edition, FORECLOSURES IN FLORIDA provides extensive text and case authorities that detail the foreclosure process from the inception of default all the way to foreclosure appeals.